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About MAHA Jodi

Maha Sanchar is an organization formed by veteran duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bamsha Acharya , who have been contributing to Nepalese art since last 3 decades. Temporarily more than 50 personnel including artistes and technicians are engaged.

The year 2037 B.S. proved to be a crucial year in their life, as they started doing program together. Their first satirical drama " Bankeshwor" staged on the occasion of anniversary of Nepal Rastra Bank glued 'Maha Duo' together and they attracted the die hard millions of Nepalese fans including the people of same art and drama field.

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They are not only undoubtedly the first veteran 'Duo' in the field of contemporary Nepalese humor and satire oriented drama, but also an ideal in the entertainment industry of the country. The Duo are evergreen role model for the partnership, companion and the devotion with long lasting career relationship. Their three decade long partnership underlines the strength of the professional intimacy of co-workers. There are dozens of artistes following the path of Maha, but no one seems to match them as on date. They are the fantastic agent of laughter.

They are endowed with the versatile and multifaceted talent. Their talent is not limited only to stage drama, or film. They have proved themselves super proficient even in direction, script writing, music composing, singing and producing as well. Both are the master actors, directors, producers, composers, and writers.

They are the first ones to release ironic audio cassettes. In 2040 BS, they used to get Rs. 5000 for one show, but just after 3 years they were offered Rs. 1 lakh per show, which tells the story how their popularity heightened as they started performing together. By the end of 2063 BS, all are well informed that if any one is as talented as Maha, there is no need to seek for any job for the survival. Their dozens of drama and stage shows have left great influence over their millions of Nepalese art lovers and people love to enjoy their humorous works repeatedly. Besides the tremendous affection from people, they have bagged dozens of honors, medals and certificates of appreciation from national and international organizations.


They have gifted about 3 dozens stage drama to Nepalese viewers with the best of their talent, among of which every subsequent drama dominates the previous one. Some of their stage shows are Yamlok, Picnic, Bigyapan, Rastriya Gaun Khane Pratiyogita, Saalik etc. Regarding TV programs, they have created about 2 dozens classic videos. Out of about 1 dozen radio oriented satire cum education based programs Maha Adalat, Chhu Mantar, Vitamin A program are still remembered by millions. They have worked on more than 1 dozen movies as actors and have contributed in script writing as well as in direction in some movies. (Click the profile section for the details).


On due course of performing on stage, they together have traveled to dozens of countries around the world, where there are significant of Nepalese who love them. The visited countries are USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, China, India, UAE etc. (Click the profile section for the details.)

Watch Some of comedy and social videos of MAHA JODI

Nepali Comedy Serial – 15 Gate by Maha Sanchar – Watch Online

Watch Nepali Comedy show Bigyapan by Maha Sanchar online.

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