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Bhaktapur Municipality

Bhaktapur Municipality

The ancient and smallest municipality of Bhaktappur District. It is world heritage site, there are lots of temples, monuments and culture to enjoy with entry fee of 15 US$ for all tourist except for the citizens of SAARC coutries. Maximum of 30 minutes drive from International Airport of Kathmandu.

Area : Aboout 6.88 sq. km. and lies at 1401 meters above the sea level.

Population: Abour 83500

Places to visit in Bhaktapur Municipality:

Durbar Square:


Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the main square of the city, is a conglomeration of

stone art, metal art, wood carving, and terracotta art and architectural showpieces. The Golden Gate, statue of King Bhupatindra Malla perching on the top of stone monoliths, National Art Gallery, the palace of 55 windows, the Vatsala Temple, the big bell, the bell of barking dogs, and Pashupatinath Temple (Yachheswor Mahadev Temple) with erotic wood carvings, stone temple of Siddhilaxmi, octagonal structure “Chyasinhmandap”, Phasi Dega (Silumahadev Temple), golden spout, stone spout, Taleju complex, Pahanchhen, replica of Chardham (Jag Nath, Badri Nath, Rameshwor and Kedarnath Temples, four pilgrimage sites of Hindu) and many master pieces of stone sculpture are the main attraction of the square.

Taumadhi Square:

Taumadhi is the next important square of the city where the best example of engineering and architecture of multi roofed temples and rectangular temples can be observed. Best craftsmanship of stone sculptures, stone spouts, traditional water tank and wood carving are proudly exhibiting their glorious history. The Nyatapola Temple, Bhairabnath Temple, Tilmadhav Narayan Temple and Stone sculpture of earthquake protector are the major monuments of the Square.

Dattatraya Square

It is the oldest part of the city which is also an open museum, especially for wood carving. Dattatraya, the oldest temple of the city, Bhimsen temple, water spouts, peacock window and other various size and shaped windows and Maths are the major art and architecture of this site. Brass and Bronze, and wood carving museum also can be observed in the square.

Pottery Square

Pottery is known as one of the world’s old professions. In Bhaktapur many potters can still be seen working with their traditional wooden wheels for giving various shape and size to clay. Talako (middle-south of the city) and Suryamadhi (east of the city) are two particular localities of Bhaktapur where earthen pots are made are known as pottery squares. One of them lies five minutes south west of Taumadhi Square and another lies east from Dattatray Square.

Around Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is also surrounded by very exciting places. Walking or driving around the city, you will experience amazing natural beauty, glorious historical monuments, indigenous life style and panoramic views of high Himalayas. Changu Narayan, Nagarkot, Suryabinayak, Thimi , Nagadesh and Bode are ideal places to visit around Bhaktapur .

Bhaktapur Municipality Office location: Ward No. 2, Byasi, Bhaktapur

Telephone: 977-016610096, 01-6613957 

Email: [email protected] [email protected] 


Audio Notice Board : 1618016610096


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