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Things to Do in Bhaktapur

Explore Bhaktapur: Cultural Sightseeing of Bhaktapur city.
Char Dham, the representative temples of Kashi
Gate to the durbar square made of brick and plastered over with white Ilme
Golden gate, Nepal’s one of the best masterful bronze work
Statue of King Bhupatindra Malla
Vatsala Durga Temple, a sliced Indian textured shikhara style temple
55 window palace
Nyatapola temple, which has five stories, which is the tallest temple in Nepal
Bhairavnath temple which lies on the left-hand side of nyatapola temple
Dattatreya temple, one of the oldest temples of Bhaktapur
Pottery square, a fine place of ceramics arts and crafts
Shiddhapokhari, the largest manmade pond of Bhaktapur.
Nyatapola temple during the renovation.
Local food: Newari set
Short Hikes in Bhaktapur:
Pilot Baba Hike
Ranikot Hike
Ashapuri Temple
Doleshwor temple
Kalamasi lake
The Biska Jatra
Nagarkot hike for Sunrise & Sunset
Evening walk in the Bhaktapur Durbar square
Pottery Square : Pottery work
Try Juju dhau (Special curd)
Roaming around in the museums
Wood carving museum(best known for the peacock window)
Brass and bronze museum(which have a good collection of metalware and ancient housewares)
National art museum ( have pieces of stone carvings and manuscripts, as well as a fine collection of thangka)
Shopping at Bhaktapur


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