Visit Bhaktapur

Visit Bhaktapur

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Bhaktapur is lying at 12 KM east of capital city Kathmandu. Bhaktapur is “the city of Devotees”. It is locally known as “Khwopa and Bhadgaon” which is world renowned for its elegant art, fabulous culture , colourful festivals, traditional dances and indigenous life style of different people of different religion. For its majestic monuments, temples and the native typical newar lifestyle best known for their long history.

The cultural traditions of Bhaktapur are no less glorious than its artistic masterpieces. Consequently, the city is still a venue for a great many festivals and cultural dances, many of them as unique as the city itself. While Bhaktapur’s Gai-Jatra(July/August) and the tantrically-inspired Nava Durga Dance (October-June), which is comprised of the city’s protectress deities, are the “only ones of their kinds” in Nepal, the Bisket Jatra (April), one of Nepal’s greatest and most exciting festivals, is the only such event observed according to the official solar calendar. Besides the physical monuments and cultural festivities, the Newars of Bhaktapur have also inherited a long history of craftsmanship. It is here where visitors can have rare close-up views of Nepal ‘s master craftsmen giving continuity to their time-honored traditions of art. In its two famed Pottery Squares, they can see potters giving shape to lumps of clay on their traditional wooden wheels. Besides, they also encounter the city’s well-acclaimed artisans who, with their wondrously skilled hands, produce a great variety of handicrafts. Bhaktapur’s indigenous handicraft varieties include paubha scroll paintings,  cotton cloth, woodcarvings, metalwork, jewellery and ceramic products. In addition, the home-spun haku-patasi (black sari), black cap and the delicious Juju-dhau (Curd), literally the “King of all yogurt varieties”, have also made this city a favored spot for tourists and the Nepalese alike.

Bhaktapur is the smallest district of Nepal with 4 municipalities. Bhaktapur Municipality (The smallest &  an ancient Municipality ) , Changu Narayan Municipality (The biggest Municipality ), Madhyapur Thimi Municipality and Suryabinayak Municipality .



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