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Food you must try in Bhaktapur

Feb 15, 2021

Food you must try in Bhaktapur

Food you must try in Bhaktapur

Here are some must try foods:

Bhaktapur is very rich in local food with different test. It is very famous for Ju Ju Dhau (King Curd). King Curd is kind of like the Starbucks of Bhaktapur. There’s one every ten feet. Try at one of the little local shops that sells it out of a refrigerator.

Samay Baji set which is a traditional Newari set meal. The dish consists of spicy chicken, beaten rice, vegetable curry, a fried egg, a potato pancake, beans, a dried fish, and a green vegetable. Despite being few spicy, it is very delicious.

Chicken/Veg/Mutton dal baht : It really amazing and mouthwatering Nepali dish to try while you are in Bhkatapur, Nepal. Everything is prepared by fresh and full of flavor of local.

Choila is a Newari snack. You can order chicken or buffalo. It’s definitely on the spicy side, so ask for it mild if you need to.

Alu tama: Veg curry made of potatoes and bamboo shoots

Senla mu: Liver, steamed and sautéed

Swanpuka: Lungs filled and fried

Bhuttan: Fried intestine and other abdominal parts

Mainh: Tongue pieces, fried

Bara:  Lentil based fried nack mix of Chiken or mutton or veg, it is other popular Newari dish.

Masyoura: Black lentils and shredded vegetables that are sun dried and used to make tasty curry

Mamacha (Momo): meat dumplings, practically the new staple food of Nepal

Chatamari: Rice pancake which can have different toppings

Wo: Lentil based cake type snack

Kinema: A very popular dish of the eastern hills, made from fermented soybean

Khatte: A dish of the hills that is popular for breakfast, made from brown rice

Poko: Dish from from the hilly region, juicy and with a sweet and sour taste and slightly alcoholic, aromatic flavor

Dheedo: a porridge-like substance made from maize and wheat

Gundruk: made from dried leafy green vegetables that are slightly fermented

Sinki: pickle of fermented root parts of carrots; goes with dheedo gundruk

Most of these dishes are quite unique to Nepal and should feature in your list of must try foods when visiting Nepal.